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Ela by Joyjit (Preliminary Member)

Ela – which means ‘Mother Earth’ in Sanskrit, is an organic clothing label designed by Joyjit and introduced by the Creative Group.
Essentially inspired by innumerable facets of human emotions, the creations speak volumes about the journey undertaken by a young designer who seeks to explore fabric as an intimate medium of expression. An interesting mélange of fabrics coupled with subtle embroidery details, invokes elements of spontaneity and naivety. Usage of a wide range of textures on shades of ecru, resonate the designer’s inclination towards the concept of subtle playfulness. The overall feel is intertwined yet free flowing, soft and fragile.
Ela believes that the future of fashion lies in making it sustainable. According to Joyjit, “Everyday we can make a conscious choice with clothes that can flag a better world. It is a simple act which can contribute to the betterment of the society and environment at large.”
He seeks to leave behind the deadening world of preconception that organic clothing is only about basic silhouettes. That it is possible to create a beautiful high fashion clothing line which not only helps in reducing the carbon footprints but also helps in building a happy, clean and green world for our future generations. The entire collection is made in organic cotton. No bleaching and dyeing processes are used.
Joyjit brings into his creations, the spell of his homeland – Shillong, Meghalaya.
Having spent his very formative years there, he naturally imbibed the amalgamation of western cultural characteristics with the tribal attributes of the Brahmaputra valley region.
After graduating in English honors from Cotton College in Guwahati, Assam, he went to NIFT where he graduated in 2002.For his final design collection; he was honored with the ‘best design collection’ award. His eight year long association with Creative Impex, which is at the forefront of design, helped him gain an invaluable experience of working with renowned fashion labels from all over the world.
His passion for exploring and understanding various artistic expressions like installations,
documentaries/ film making, artworks, music, photography, theatre, classical and neo - classical as well as freestyle dance forms etc. have immensely attributed to his creative side.
Any creative person has the natural urge to use his medium to mirror various facets of human emotions.Joyjit, through his medium, explores the possibilities of representing his original experience with the elements of naivety and spontaneity.
  • Address:
    ELA, E 49/7,
    OKHLA PHASE - 2,
    NEW DELHI - 110002
  • Telephone:
    +91 11 32064636
    +91 11 41704856
    +91 9711969736
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