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South Delhi Poly Technic For Women (Institutional Member)

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women is in a legendary city. It lies on the banks of the River Jamuna. Ancient artifacts like Ashoka’s pillar and the Old Fort, take us to the time of Budha.
India is known for some of the finest Education, in history. Scholars visited us from remote continents. The polytechnic in turn has had Staff and Students, from all over the world especially in the Campus Hostel. This gives a colourful and creative atmosphere, to our Campus.
The Polytechnic was established 47 years ago, at South Extension. It has now grown to be the oldest and largest in the Northern India. It is run under the aegis of the Vocational Education Society. Vocational training here, are for Professional Careers leading to employment or jobs. We help Students in Placements; train them for Entrepreneurship and for Self-Employment. Our Polytechnic Philosophy is: To encourage everybody, as long as they are women and willing. This is irrespective of Academic achievements. We are thereby proud to find, many girls labeled as a ‘dropouts’ or ‘failures’, have been absorbed successfully into our system. Generally, there are three main arboreal plants or treasured trees that flourish in our rich alluvial soil. They are namely: APPLIED TECHNOLOGY, ART & DESIGN and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. All the departments and their courses have been grouped and classified under them.
We are Pioneers in devising new courses. We update old ones, to suit global needs.  We experiment and tailor Curriculum at the same time, to suit the individual.
The prestigious Convocation Ceremony is held, annually. The passing out batch Students are awarded with Diplomas, Certificates and Trophies, for various achievement and all-round performances. Students are awarded Participation Certificates, in various activities. i.e.: Festivals, Fashion Shows, Dance & Art, Inter-Departmental Competitions, Marathon/Fitness races and other Contemporary events. They are held throughout the academic year. Merit Certificates Awards are given to students as per decision of the appointed Judges or Jury Panel. They are final, binding and non-disputable. The College has numerous noted renowned awards, as mentioned. Vocational Teachers however, also espouse and laud the personal best, a student invests in. The fulfillment and worth felt by an individual student’s personal best, even if it may be meager (in the Class Mean), is something to be always encouraged.
No candidates shall be admitted to any examination, unless the Head of the department certifies that the candidate has met certain ascertained parameters. (E.g: Assignments, Sessional tests, Projects, Field work, Workshop Module, etc.) However, a student-friendly ‘carry-over’ system, automatically allows students to join the next class. (First Year to Second Yr/Second Yr to third Yr).
Plagiarism - Plagiarism is to claim, the creative efforts of somebody else, as your own. The material stolen may be written, verbal, visual or auditory.  Therefore, if you are quoting someone, acknowledge the source and mention their name. Better still, create your own work! Even if it may not be up to the mark. It will be genuine and original. It will be yours. In many modules (esp. those of Art and Team Work), it is more objective, to allot Grades. This eliminates a subjective bias, in marking and assessment. These grades, at the time of final/annual results, get converted though, into marks.
The college, time - to - time displays the student’s original work or best work, done with finesse. This is pinned or propped upon the notice board, alcoves or niches, allotted or at the Gallery 2000. It has also always encouraged and involved itself, in special individual or group shows of Art Students. Workshops, where Students demonstrate or promote their skills (E.g: Holistic Healers/Fitness Trainers, event managers, etc) are regularly conducted. More notably, we have a unique thematic exhibition, every year. The entire college participates, en masse.
Vocational Careers, unlike many other studies, lead to immediate employment and actual jobs. There are numerous projects, which in which students can get work experience even while studying. A notable example: The Mural Project: For 2 metro Stations, then 3 and finally a total of 8 metro Stations (including, the first historic underground one, in Delhi). These were massive murals of (Aapp. 100 X 60 feet) on both the indoor and outdoor walls of the Metro Stations, which was done as Teamwork by the Faculty & Students.
The Poly has the fulltime Hostel Campus for girls. It was started 42 years ago, for Outstation students. This was to provide a safe and securely surrounded residence. It is fully equipped to accommodate 150 students. There are 72 air-cooled rooms and the outstanding feature is that each room has an attached bathroom/toilet.
Ashima Chaudhuri, our Founder Director has been a pioneer in India, for Vocational Education for Women. For the last 47 years, she has devised and upgraded vocations.
She has seen vocational courses shift from serious stigma to become exciting and ‘in demand’. Or, those that were prohibitive to become popular and people friendly. In other words, she has seen it all and realizes the significance of Vocational Education, for the future of India.
To sum up the ethos of the College, we find that despite the world shrinking, a Woman’s Education hangs in imbalance. It is this that we try to redress. We strongly feel that to be skilled is something that stands by you and with you, in life. This is what we follow in training our students.
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