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Malvika Vaswani (Accesory Member)

Mission Statement & Ethos
We aim to support and revitalize indigenous Indian crafts by creating a platform for their recognition globally. We aim to employ local artisans to help support their local economy whilst promoting their trade. We will strive to manufacture products of the highest quality that can proudly bear the ‘Made in India’ tag, enabling Indian design and craftsmanship to compete globally with the highest level of excellence.
Brand Positioning:
Based in the heart of Mumbai, Malvika Vaswani, is a new cross-disciplinary design house, creating products across categories, bound by a singular philosophy. The brand is the meeting point of design, craft and process, resulting in holistic approachable design. Inspired by the tenants of the internationalist movement, the studio creates for each unique instance, each individual user. The design of tomorrow realizes that products aren’t temporary, but long lasting and intrinsically valuable. We believe in honoring the qualities of materials, letting them take appropriate form and function to create beautiful designed products.
The target demographic/user of Malvika Vaswani is an urban woman or man from the ages of 18 – 35 with a disposable income that can afford a more luxurious lifestyle. Our ideal consumer is someone that appreciates the value of good design and is a connoisseur of good craftsmanship.
The strength of the Malvika Vaswani brand lies in its cross disciplinary, hands on knowledge of materials that enables the creation of an endless array of designs. Additionally, the cross cultural experiences cover not only international design aesthetic but also local techniques thus making interesting combinations. It works on bridging the gap between the two and enhances their strengths. The unique selling point of Malvika Vaswani brand is the approach- using the discipline and values of industrial design and applying it to jewelry therefore making ‘wearable form’. Industrial design involves designing to specifications for a specific user(s) and keeping in mind how a person would use and interact with an object. Jewelry ends up being a perfect meeting point for art with design. It involves designing for people, therefore how a piece would sit, fall, feel are all important and yet, there is creative freedom for it to almost be a piece of art since materials and forms can be endless.  The idea of developing a system or a movement of intermingling of different forms of craft to come together to create an aesthetically surprising and yet sound piece, adds to the value of the brand.
About the Designer:
Malvika is a designer and maker, trained in process based industrial design. She began her design journey at the Rhode Island School of Design, and started her professional life in New York City balancing designing jewelry for BCBGeneration and home ware for Teroforma. Since returning to India in late 2011, she has worked with both Pinakin Patel and Rooshad Shroff. Her cross continental design journey led to the creation of Aunterra - an award winning experimental brand created to test the boundaries of design in India. After all of her varied experiences in different kinds of design related fields, Malvika set up a self- named brand that brought together the values of design that she believed in and represented her through all the teachings in school and professional experiences.

At heart, Malvika is a designer-maker, on a journey to understand and create for our indigenous modernity. She believes that good design lies in the intrinsic qualities of the product, form and aesthetic. For her each piece is a commitment of craft, quality and ethical design. Built through a rigorous and thoughtful process anchored in experimentation. 

  • Address:
    53, Jamna Building, 292, L.T. Marg, Mumbai 400002
    Mumbai - 400002
  • Telephone:
    +91 22 22035612
    +91 22 22016735
    +91 9821233473
  • E-mail:
    info@malvikavaswani.com, malvika@malvikavaswani.com
  • Website:
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