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Jainee Rajni Sharma (Preliminary Member)

‘Jainee’ is an amalgamation of innovation, creative vision and consistency, ensuring that quality and production meet our standards with vital importance given to texturing & detailing.

Established in the year 1999, Jainee has developed a unique style of her own with the manipulation of unusual fabrics, tasteful sense of gorgeous embellishments in a dynamic vivid color palette of swathes and the blend of panache & trend which brings in a ‘Zest Factor' to suit the client’s sensitivities.


Retail Store:
Jainee, 36, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi.


StockList :

·       Sanskrit (Hong Kong)

·       Paramparaa (New Delhi)

·       Kyra (Gurugram)

·       Soh-Koh (Chandigarh)

·       Aameran (New Delhi)

·       Runway Store (New Delhi)

·       Aura (Nagpur , Raipur , Surat)


Label Positioning :

   We celebrate each design taking inspiration from the mystic nature of life and blend it well to suit the lifestyle and fashion sensitivities of modern contemporary woman.

   Our trousseau collection in fine royal cuts and intricate craftsmanship is to make the bride feel no less than an empress.

   Jainee has been a fervent member of, FDCI Amazon Fashion Week , India Runway Week, Punjab Fashion Week, Signature Tour, Blenders Pride Tour and has done multifarious exhibitions & runway events across the globe.

Our new Winter 2017 Collection , Au-gust Weaves Designed for the Festive Season turns to a color palette of creamy, golden hues with a dash of red; completed by ivory tones enhanced & adorned via glass bead work with a modern outlook on Dabka embroidery.

Craftsmanship united with zesty Contemporary outlook is illustrated with versatile attires made of Silk Brocade, Organza, Khadi and Textured Lycra Cotton. A modernization of Art is further depicted through innovative use of thread embroidery; inspired by old carpet making style. Circular, linear progression in silhouettes provides a backdrop for the collection, which aims at representing a prevailing woman’s worldly and sensitive approach to her surroundings.

  • Address:
    303, 42-A, Hauz Khas Village
    New Delhi - 110016
  • Telephone:
    +91 9811100159
    +91 9971138634
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
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