FDCI India Couture Week 2019 in partnership with Hindustan Times

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Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal’s ideas about form and structure took shape growing up in a family of engineers and scientists, and watching his father work on engineering projects. He graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in 1999 and worked with India’s leading design houses in the early years of his career. He became the creative director of Morphe, an independent venture, in 2008 and launched his eponymous label, Amit Aggarwal, in 2010. 

“Couture for me is a feeling. When you wear an outfit that you feel absolutely embodies your spirit and aesthetic, that’s what I would consider couture,” he says. 

Amit Aggarwal’s 2019 couture collection ‘Lumen - The Light Of A Human’ is inspired by the magnificence of light and the energy that flows through the greatest designs in nature and the human body. The inspiration directly stemmed from a virtual reality experience at the Saatchi Gallery, London called ‘We Live In An Ocean Of Air’ which illuminates the invisible but fundamental connection between the human and natural worlds. The connection is explored through a magical experience where the invisible exchange of light and its energy is beautifully brought to life. Our experimental textiles are sculpted and draped in much the same way, eventually unraveling to reveal the elegant form of the human body. The collection uses a range of hand-done, three-dimensional embroideries in various angular and bio-mimicked forms and motifs to give the fabrics a unique visual and tactile quality. 

Media Contact

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