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Falguni Shane Peacock

Designers Falguni and Shane have predominantly pushed the traditional boundaries from the beginning – becoming the undisputed pioneers of modern, edgy and game-changing couture in India. Label Falguni Shane Peacock’s design quintessence’s with present-day fashion aficionados. Their bespoke designs exuberate luxury, extravagance and leading-edge sensibilities on ensembles that are crafted with delectable precision.  Brand Falguni Shane Peacock has dressed celebrities across the globe, like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Fergie and Jessie J. Apart from dressing almost every prominent celebrity; label Falguni Shane Peacock has consecutively showcased their presentation at the prestigious Fashion Weeks.

Bonjour Amer – say Jaipur and 'Pink city' is what flashes in our minds. But for Falguni Peacock, it is a sack bag of memories from her latest sojourn. As the designer walked through the City Palace of Jaipur, she was asserted by the intricacies that would usually be blind-eyed to. It's ornate architecture, comprising of resplendent domes, imperial carvings, nondescript doors, intricate frescos, imposing gateways and paintings that depicted the sublime beauty of the palatial city in its magnanimous glory. The benevolent energy of the place fills you with a solitary calmness, reflecting the bygone, imperial era that is still omnipresent and reverberates through Jaipur’s kaleidoscopic culture. The silhouettes weave a web of modern eccentricity and yesteryear elegance, evoking a rich repertoire between the two. Stellar lehengas juxtaposed into red-carpet-worthy gowns, asymmetrical layers cascading into long, sweeping trails, giving the garment graceful fluidity. 

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