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Rahul Mishra

Winner of the International Woolmark Prize 2014, Rahul Mishra champions slow fashion with traditional Indian textiles. His eponymous label represents the finest handwork; hand woven, hand embroidered and hand crafted in India, for the world. He showcases his ready-to-wear line at Paris Fashion Week, and his annual couture collection at India Couture Week.

A master storyteller, Rahul weaves stories of people, places and process to bring forth new interpretations and design interventions to craft techniques that serve the larger purpose of engaging, employing and empowering artisans.

His 2019 couture collection takes inspiration from Rahul’s observations during a recent trip to Monaco as well as memories of his childhood home in the sleepy village of Malhausi in Uttar Pradesh. He feels there is a strong emotional connect with happiness that runs across the world through the beauty of nature. This collection celebrates the same connection between the home where one is born and a home that one finds during escapades of travel, as well as the beauty of nature. It is a dense play of florals, blended with architectural elements. Two- and three-dimensional hand-embroidered surfaces have been created with Swarovski crystals and silken threads to imitate the lush greenery of rich forests and lakes. The vivid interpretation of the landscape and the choice of colors lend the clothes the essence of a vintage painting.

Media Contact

Deshiv Puri
M: +91 9667973232
E: press@rahulmishra.in