FDCI India Couture Week 2019 in partnership with Hindustan Times

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Reynu Taandon

To turn a piece of cloth into a visually-appealing masterpiece requires a high level of skill on the part of its designer and a clear understanding of what the fabric has the capacity to comply with or reject in regard to embroidery and embellishments. Reynu Taandon is one such designer with a keen eye for fashion and an aesthetic sense that helps in unraveling her creative intelligence. She is known for adding an element of intrigue to every piece she designs, whether it's through her technical application or her understanding of how far she can run with a fabric.

While she draws inspiration from the Indian cultural scenario, Reynu also draws inspiration from contemporary and fusion adaptations and philosophizes them into concepts while designing.

This season, Reynu presents The Savannah Saga, inspired by the multi-faceted sky and its varying hues. The couture collection is an amalgamation of pragmatism and graciousness with just the right dash of sensuality. The fusion of traditional embroidery and modern satin bodices reflects two sides of a woman—the delicate, feminine side as well as the coquettish. The silhouettes have a calm feel to them while the satin and chanderi fabric give the whole range a classic feel. Captivating mirror work and gold laser cuts enhance the embellishments and embroideries. The soft colour palette of powder blue, lilac, old rose and mint green bring out the playful innocence of the collection. 

Media Contact

Pooja Mishra
M: +91 9818613318
E: pr.reynutaandon@gmail.com | md.renutandon@gmail.com