FDCI India Couture Week 2021

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Amit GT Couture

"The name of the collection this time is ' Scintilla' which means a tiny spark of light..scintilla has always allured us..the very first sliver of light at the dawn or in a pitch dark sky when we see a star shining or in a total eclipse the first spark of light we see is the scintilla.. this scintilla breaks the darkness both from outside and within...that very scintilla of hope in our heart...like the millions of scintillae in fire works in the sky makes us feel elated and exuberated, they do the same in our heart when we celebrate an occassion or when we rejoice, exult or triumph our achievements..The collection is an attempt to depict the exultation..nature celebrates through brilliant blooms, scintillating constellation, dew drops or snow falls or vivid colors of the sky..we depicted these elements through water lilies and other blooms, birds, constellations or fireworks and dew drops through signature brushstrokes like linear hand embroidery.

This time the sheer scale of our trains and bustles in gowns as well as lehengas are far more dramatic and voluminuos. It's about the scintillating emotions of the bride depicted in her ensembles.

Brush stroke linear embroderies which is now part of the DNA of the brand, Ruffles, scrunched textures, feathers and ingenious saree drapes, trains and bustles have always been part of our DNA for more than a decade now. In fact a decade and a half back I was far ahead of times in showing dramatic ball gowns with long trains and bustles and saree gowns which are now a de riguer in every Indian wedding. Duchesse satin gowns with detachable trains with large bows, organza textured ball gowns, saree drape gowns had been a constant feature of my collection over the years. Rachel Weisz, Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Gillies, Toni Braxton, Avril Lavigne and several other hollywood stars have worn my creations. I always believed in pushing the envelope and making a way forward in fashion and I will continue to do more with more chutzpah and vigour and ardour." -Amit GT

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Ms Ria Gupta
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Ms Shruti Grewal
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