FDCI India Couture Week 2021

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Anamika Khanna

"Whether you believe in magic or not we are stars Masquerading as humans

The loci of our possibilities spans the grand constellation.

Step into this greatness
The makings of you date 14 billion years after all
Twinkle with the light others shine unto you


Sprinkle the dust of your cosmic belonging
Over Everything
Everything that has always been waiting for you."

This collection is an emotion, a way of rejoicing beauty. It is an acceptance of what is, and a celebration of what we are given. This way we pay homage to the most intricate crafts of India, take from there , the spirit of what was and what will be for eternity.

Buyer & Media Contact :

Shivani Dhingra
Email ID: assis@anamikakhanna.in
M: 9818858458