FDCI India Couture Week 2021

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Anju Modi


‘The Eternal Story’ pays tribute to the power of generational legacy.

It shows how love and prayers; as well as personal values, and cultural traditions in the form of family heirlooms, flow from the fountain of feminine grace, nurtured from generation to generation.

‘The Eternal Story’ is instinctive, and almost as old as time itself.

It is a secret hidden in plain sight, one that keeps the world spinning on its axis. It moves in the chariot of time and imbibes the values and cultural traditions inherited over a period.

A story that is a product of the past also becomes a seed for the future.


“Preserving our heritage and its unique craft legacy are the cornerstones on which our brand is built.

We are committed to reviving India’s centuries-old design repertoire with our signature organic and sustainable approach.

Driven by passion and compassion, each creation from our atelier is a story of authentic handcrafted luxury juxtaposed with present-day relevance.”


Buyer Contact

Email: customercare@anjumodi.com
Mobile: +919315789463

Media Contact

Email: shivam@anjumodi.com
Mobile: +918287303964
Website : www.anjumodi.com