FDCI India Couture Week 2021

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Gaurav Gupta

Love makes us travel all universes, Love makes the cosmos go around, Love is all.

While living in the middle of a pandemic the only emotion that drives us is love. Gaurav Gupta Couture 2021/22 is a film presentation titled ‘Universal Love’, that expands on the movement that ‘Name is Love’, our previous couture show started - where love transcends beyond definitions and identities; where love is just pure love.

With this couture presentation we strive to bring perception to the dialogue surrounding sexualities, gender fluidity, boundaries and identities because there is always a reason to keep celebrating love in all its forms, ages, sizes, shapes and colours.

Gaurav Gupta Couture 2021/22 is inspired by the Universe. The expanse of the cosmos, the millions of stars, the axis and the movement of all planets; sprinkling and spiralling in infinite loops of time, meteoric showers and racing comets inspire abstract galactic embroideries and silhouettes. The garments exude a sense of expanse and grandeur of the cosmos. All done to strive -perfect harmony and love.

The collection is shamelessly glittering and glamorously star like.

A gown in neptune blue with embroidery strokes that look like comets flying, and the structure having an endless rhythmic quality. A concept lehenga sculpted in cosmic grey, embellished with sprinkles of shaded glass in blue and gunmetal. A hybrid Indian gown in asteroid pink with a large multi layered skirt and rainshower patterned embroidery. A cosmic violet gown with fan-like structures giving a sense of movement and rhythm for a futuristic princess.

The film shot at the ‘Mirror of the Sky’- Taj Faluknama, merges a modern lifestyle with ancient heritage. This architectural gem reflects the passion it was built with, where each element exudes obsession with various global cultures.

Gaurav Gupta Man - even bolder and sexier this year comes in stark black & white, night teal and neptune blue. Lines run across jackets forming new constellations. Sharp metallic accents meticulously sculpted on velvet tuxedos and exaggerated flared trousers give flight to the edit.

Gaurav Gupta Couture

Silhouettes: Big Ball Gowns, Slithering Slim Gowns, Short Party Dresses, Hybrid Lehengas & Concept Saree Gowns

Colours: Space Grey, Neptune Blue, Asteroid Pink, Cosmic Violet, Saturn Gold

Fabric: Silk Crepe, Organza, Silk Dupion, Silk Georgettes, Tulle

Gaurav Gupta Man

Silhouettes: Tuxedos, Bandhgalas, Jackets, Flared Trousers

Colours: Black, White, Night Teal, Neptune Blue

Fabric: Velvet, Egyptian Cotton, Wool

Buyers Contact:

Name(s): Richa Mehta | Nima Sherpa
M: +91 97111 91125 | +91 96500 47853
Email: richa@gauravguptastudio.com | nima@gauravguptastudio.com

Media Contact:

Name(s): Kanupreet Kapani | Tanvi Mohta
M: +91 9810553385 | +91 9212468506
Email: kanupreet@gauravguptastudio.com | tanvi@gauravguptastudio.com