FDCI India Couture Week 2021

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Kunal Rawal

Kunal Rawal presents 'Vision Quest'

Inspired by the notion of youth transitioning to adulthood, the pristine idea of ease and comfort, Kunal Rawal’s collection presents a fresh take on contemporary silhouettes, intricate embroideries, and a dynamic play on metallic tones. Amalgamating traditions with newness, the collection explores a wide array of functional and deconstructed styles, reflecting the youth and their need for movement and constant growth.

This collection was created around the idea of “coming of age”, this is a time during which uncertainty and venerability it’s at its peak. Each outfit in this collection is made to insight confidence in those who wear it. The collection offers 55 distinct styles, crafted out of a diverse range of new fabrics, including linen, cotton, and linen satin, which showcase the individuality of each look. Created with multiple thread works, surface textures, and techniques of French knotting with a play on construction elements, the captivating styles are extremely versatile and experimental. The colour palette encompasses subtle hues of lilac, dusty salmon, mustard, lemons, sage, rust, ivory, gold’s, aubergine, wines, navy, olives, and steel grey along with some new and exciting shades of denim blue, pastels like iced sky and charcoal.

The collection also entails a variety of never seen before silhouettes such as the Kurta Kaftan for men, which creates the most fashion‐forward contemporary style. The classic Bandi has been redesigned with fresh new cuts and design details such as back buttons, making it a must‐have essential. Apart from this, for the first time the label is introducing a patchwork Sherwani that has been created out of leftover fabrics and consists of the signature micro motifs which are an extension of the brand.

Focusing on the growth of a modern‐day man, the collection promises an innovative and modular perspective towards designs that provide an impeccable match to the present‐day occasions, bringing forth the journey of deep‐rooted traditional wear to a modern‐day luxury concept.

Buyer Contact and Media Contact:

Aparna Passi
Email: Aparna.kunalrawal@gmail.com
Contact: +91 98219 99861