FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021



Lakmé Salon, India’s leading salon chain, presented its latest hair cut, colour and style collection, The Awakening, in collaboration with ace designer Chola By Sohaya Mishra at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week. The Awakening celebrates and embraces the new normal, stemming from the changes in lifestyle and mindset during the lockdowns, where we are our most authentic, best selves -- free-spirited and brave.

As the lockdowns ease and we start to step out into the world again, our sense of life, normalcy and style has changed, perhaps irrevocably. Flats replaced heels; natural waves replaced blow-dries; dewy makeup and glowing skin replaced boardroom-to-bar makeup; repurposed, upcycled comfort fits replaced form-fitting suits. Physical and mental health have taken precedence over the long-standing hustle culture; excessive shopping was kept aside to focus on savings and sustainability. All our lifestyle changes have spilt over into the way we dress, the way we do our hair and makeup, and the way we view style.

The Lakmé Salon hair cut, colour and style collection, created and curated by the team of experts at Lakmé Salon, introduced carefree, bold and vibrant hair styles and striking makeup looks. The hair collection embodied texture and trends with cuts like the modern shag, the pixie cut, the mullet and long layered braids for women, and a textured quiff for men. Hair colours like green, orange, hot pink and ash blond upgraded each look to redefine style in the new age.

The makeup for each look stood out with glass glow skin, luscious lip stains in gorgeous, deep hues and sensual reverse eyes, created by the Lakmé Salon team of Backstage Makeup Experts.

Reflecting the evolution we are all currently experiencing is this trendsetting collaboration, which embraces the new “you” with bright, bold and happy hair and makeup looks, complemented beautifully by Chola’s easy separates, deconstructed styles and flowy silhouettes in saturated hues like yellow, green, pinks, blue and navy, and neutrals like white and black. The fabrics used in this collaboration are luscious and breathable organic cottons, kala cottons and soft linens. Pre-stitched sarees, asymmetrical dresses, boxy shirts, crop tops and jackets come together with trousers and skirts for everyday luxury wear.

Speaking of the collaboration designer Sohaya Mishra said, “We are in a time of great learning and my collection is inspired by a shift in our consciousness, and changes in our perspective and priorities. It is about being relaxed, letting go and experiencing the small pleasures of life. It’s about bringing oneself to a higher state of awareness to understand the complexity in simple things around you. It’s about love, laughter and joy, and dancing like no one is watching. The clothes reflect this in their ease, fluidity and burst of colour, while maintaining our signature neutral palette. In Lakmé Salon, we found the perfect partner, because not only did our visions for the collaboration align, but our core values are the same as well. Each hair and makeup look completes my pieces and I’m so glad that our creative collaboration, The Awakening, is out in the world now.”