FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021



When two diverse traditional and innovative names came together in 2012 the result was a truly circular fashion brand called ‘Cocccon’ whose mantra has always been ‘Creativity Can Care’. Cocccon’s creators - an Indo-German pair, comprised Germany based, Indian, fashion designer, Chandra Prakash Jha and Georg, a remarkable graphic design fashion activist from Berlin. Cocccon has always been well known as the luxury fashion label that offered its signature, peace organic silk garments and scarves splashed with amazing colours, patterns and prints.

Cocccon’s latest collection “Abundant Paradise” made its appearance for the second time at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week Sustainable Fashion Day. It was inspired by the humble life of tribes in Jharkhand, the native state of Chandra Prakash Jha. The ideas revolved around the sisal plants, culture, livestock and the presence of elephants. It was a playful, experimental look at fashion, when Bauhaus merged with indigenous art forms and the bio diversity of Jharkhand.

Unfolding a look that was pure luxury, the brand showcased luxe night and home wear, along with formal suits, very stylish dresses and then added comfy street wear for relaxed dressing. There were more interesting add-ons to the look, with scarves, saris and even pillowcases to match the dreamy bedtime style statements.

The major emphasis of the collection was on organically produced peace silk; when silkworms are allowed to turn into beautiful butterflies. Therefore, the Seri-culture was maintained with rigid fair trade and organic practices at all times.

Keeping the collection totally plastic free, alternate materials like bamboo and cane replaced them, while the patterns followed a zero waste policy. Waste from the side cuts of designs was turned into sisal patterns, while silk fur was the perfect alternative to animal furs. Even the dyes and the prints followed the low zero waste path for the collection. Project Cocccon is GOTS, WFTO, OCS certified and won the German Sustainability Award Design 2021.

Women’s wear was more extravagant as layers of pronged, 3D, origami-like, detailing covered sleeves, trousers, asymmetric dresses and even complete minis in an unconventional form.

Cutouts appeared strategically for a yellow one-shoulder creation with a wired detailing, or for a textured neon green body suit and at other times for impressive sleeves. Going for some OTT silhouettes, the pale blue creation with an angular sleeve and wrap detailing had an extraordinary visual appeal, while the simple plunging, “V” neckline, silver creation ensured classic sophistication. The boxy, white jacket with pastel appliqués teamed with textured, pleated, billowing pants brought peace silk in a glam avatar. Comfortable kimono style robes and belted pyjama sets set the mood of the show.

In many of the ensembles it was an emphasis on the sleeves that was evident as slits, towering shapes and cut outs provided a visual interest.

For men’s wear, making a fashion impact was the orange and fuchsia abundantly tasseled white jacket teamed with shorts, the basic ice blue shirt and trouser combo and the simple zipped up white shirt. A mix of textures for a coat with shredding and patchwork was the focal point, while a white floor length version caused considerable drama.

The Cocccon label has now become one of the most renowned names in the world of fashion, as a truly stylish brand in Germany that follows the sustainable path of organic peace silk, colours and prints.

The “Abundant Paradise” collection by Cocccon showcased a great fashion statement that stayed true to the brand’s ethics.

“This collection is extremely similar to what we all are experiencing and longing for- Normalcy, a normal life. It’s a utopia rather than a fantasy. In between all these experiences, we’ve also realized how great a life close to spirituality and nature could be.

We figured that the tribes of Jharkhand are the optimistic bunch of people who lead a simple yet a highly rational life and most importantly fight and pray for Mother nature. We (Georg & Prakash) are very thankful to FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week for providing us this platform on the sustainable fashion day and enabling us to showcase how sustainable fashion can be cool, crazy and sexy at the same time- Sustainability is the new Black. Our Fashion video is created at world-famous Emil Schumacher Museum of Hagen, Germany. Emil Schumacher was a rebellion in Arts, who used abstract as the new normal in German Art scene,” stated Chandra Prakash Jha.