FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021



When award winning Heritage Textile and Fashion Designer Gaurang unveils his sari collection at fashion weeks, it is always a perfectly created and curated line of the most exquisite saris.

At the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week, Gaurang presented by 6Degree showcased “Chaand” an amazing line of ethereal Jamdani saris from all over India. The inspiration was the beautiful moonrise and its dazzling beams that are adored the world over when the night sets in.

Revealing the idea behind his “Chaand” Collection at the first fashion week show after the unlock down Gaurang said, “This collection is a reflection of human creativity in a textile medium, which continues to intrigue, inspire and magically glides you into a world beyond fashion, a world of romance and timeless sophistication.”

The models walked through the show to the melodious singing of ace singer, Anup Jalota and the glamorous show of Jamdani saris ended with the lovely Taapsee Pannu who looked stunning in a gorgeous weave with a wide floral border.

The Jamdani weave is considered the most complex technique in the country and the line displayed the creations from Dhaka, Benares, Kota, Srikakulam, Uppada, Venkatgiri, Kashmir and Paithan.

The Jamdani from each region revealed its characteristic look as the specialty from Kashmir reflected the serene tranquil nature of the valley. Detailing was visible from Paithan, while creative craftsmanship was seen in the weaves from Benaras. The merger of tradition and modernity came alive in the collection from Kota, while the weaving combination of Khadi from Srikakulam, luxury from Uppada and Venkatgiri, brought a hypnotic touch to the line up.

Gaurang ensured that the gorgeous beauty of the saris was further enhanced with the clever selection of myriad colours, weaves and embroidery. Throughout the pandemic, Gaurang and his team of expert and dedicated weavers worked at home on their looms and created a grand timeless presentation of Jamdaani Heritage saris.

The ethereal Jamdani weave for the “Chaand” collection from Gaurang presented by 6Degree was undoubtedly a great ode to the textile as well as the traditional Indian drape.