FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021

L by A Nanki
L by A Nanki1
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Limerick by Abirr N' Nanki

The Limerick label by Abirr N Nanki, fashionably explored an ode to astral inspirations between astrology and astronomy with their collection “Back to the Stars” at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week.

Unveiling the line that worked around the 12 Zodiac signs for inspiration, the designing duo’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection was presented in four elements – air, water, fire and earth that matched the colour story. The ensembles were a clever amalgamation of playful and reflective times of our lives that were all ideal for a summer sojourn or resort holiday. There was a striking boldness in the artwork, which related to the detailed elements of fashion and style.

The detailing was totally contemporary with the meticulous use of silver and laser cut techniques, along with metallic touches and tantalising acrylic tassels that were all handcrafted to add a touch of mysticism to the ensembles.

To match the inspiration, the Limerick line had a delightful mix of contrasts in fabrics, as sheers and solids came together in perfect unison, while a mix of crepes and organzas were the ideal choice. The silhouettes highlighted the resort wear look along with saris that were introduced as traditional options for the more conservative dresser. The fashion forward menu comprised a blend of stylish offerings, when structured pantsuits, kaftans, playsuits and the glorious saris some with metallic edging brought forth a mélange of sartorial statements.

It was a riot of colours and prints for the four sections as knee-length skirts looked demure with long sleeved blouses, while sharply cut jackets with contrast lapels stole the show.  But the wide, fluid palazzos were great when worn with matching bralette and beach robe. The ombré effect appeared periodically, while the billowy, dolman-sleeved mini, wrap tie-up short jacket, one-shouldered maxi and the fluid cold shoulder gown created a fashion story. Giant lapels occasionally appeared for coats and the zodiac signs’ prints on an inky background showcased the theme of the collection perfectly.

The very interesting and intriguing collection “Back to the Stars” from the Limerick label by designers Abirr N Nanki had that ethereal, stylish appeal that matched its futuristic inspiration.

Speaking about her collection, Abirr N Nanki said: “This is our first solo show hence this collection will always be close to our hearts. It is an ode to everything magical and beyond our understanding and control as we explore the thin line between astrology and astronomy. With this collection, we have tried to modernise the ancient influences of the zodiac with latest embroidery techniques and extraordinary artworks. ‘Back to the stars’ is a showcase of new beginnings- a coming together of art and science, born from the rich heritage of our country.”