FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021

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Mohammed Mazhar

A Mohammed Mazhar collection has always paid tribute to artisans who contribute directly or indirectly to the fashion industry. In the past it was the Dhobi and Rafugar who drove Mohammed’s collection story.

This season at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week the artisans who weave the Cot inspire his collection quaintly titled मेरी प्यारी खाट. These amazing experts along with the Cot खाट were seen in every home during the days gone by.

Delving into his childhood, when he spent beautiful days at his grandmother’s home sleeping on the Cot on the roof, Mohammed remembers those memorable times at night and turns them into inspirations for his creations.

Paying tribute to his dear Nani and the Cot weavers, Mohammed’s collection was a stylish ode in just monochrome black and white. Staying true to his characteristic statement making boxy, free flowing dramatic silhouettes, Mohammed ensured that the specially developed fabric with the Cot weaving technique was the focal point of the collection. Sprinkling the garments with discreet hand embroidery, the immense selection of cotton fabrics, created the necessary fashionable tale for the ensembles.

For lovers of age-old crafts and skills of artisans the मेरी प्यारी खाट collection by Mohammed Mazhar will bring great admiration to their style statements.

Speaking about his collection, Mohammed Mazhar said: “Very excited to be presenting my collection- मेरी प्यारी खाट at FDCI X LFW which is all about my childhood memories and it’s an untold story of cot weavers. At the same time this collection is a tribute to cot weavers as well as my Nani (grandmother). I believe that More speed towards production time means that the world is going to face more environmental challenges.”