FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021

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Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka greeted summer fashion in her creative energetic style as she unveiled her collection “Sweet Escape” at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week that was dedicated to The Unstoppables. Her feminine mix and match story was on a Blanc canvas, when she revisited Indian crafts for her relaxed line of clothes.

Commenting on the collection ‘Sweet Escape’ Rina Dhaka said “My collection this season at the joint phygital edition of FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week pays homage to sportsmen and women who have shown their resilience and persevered. The stark palettes of whites neutrals in this collection help give it a new look while Belts, fringes cut away, volume sleeves Pin tucks Elastication and Gentle ruffles form an easy to wear set of ensembles. I am excited to be presenting at this joint fashion week, I appreciate the unity of the two as this was something we all longed for.”

It was an ode to tribal inspirations in the form of organic stitches and pretty beadwork that brought the boho look to the forefront with the additional synergy of textured fringes.

Here was a collection that was ideal for a romantic getaway, when it was time for that sweet holiday at peaceful locales.

Keeping sustainability in the forefront, Rina’s policy of reusing paper, cloth and zero waste practices to reduce any environment abuse, was very much evident in each of the garments.

It was a fashionable sporty line with pops of colours that creatively looked at Indian handicrafts from Bhuj. On a stark backdrop of white and neutrals, the glistening mirror work brought a hint of rustic glamour. The fringed New Look belts gave the waistline an emphasis, as well as a feisty touch. In addition, the cut-aways, voluminous sleeves, intricate pin tucks, elastication and gentle ruffles added to the relaxed look of the ensembles.

Particularly striking was the jumpsuit with a pleated detailing at the hem and belted with colourful, crafted touches. The strappy, swirling maxi and the off-shoulder version with a giant bow at the rear, will be perfect after dark options. The summery, floor length creations with cut-outs at the waist and the lavish embroidery at the hemline, would be an ideal semi formal choice. The plunging ‘V’ neckline midi, wrap blouse, will-powered, printed maxi, belted kaftan, bralette with sarong skirt and the voluminous maxi had a fun element. There was a marked play of sheer and solid along with an occasional emphasis on balloon sleeves, while a wrap skirt with drawstring was ideal easy wear.

For Spring 2022, Rina Dhaka wants her buyers to make a “Sweet Escape” in her iconic collection and enjoy a great, fashionable, relaxed holiday.