FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021



When nostalgic childhood experiences and the grandeur of the Himalayas come together as inspirations, then the collection has to be an intriguing visual showcase.

Shweta Gupta for her label SWGT unveiled impeccable garment construction at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week that reflected her thoughts when she grew up in Almora.

It was Shweta and her label SWGT’s fashionable journey that the film revealed with the garments as the stars. From a Seeker and Wanderer, Shweta has been a Gatherer and Thinker, till she finally reached her creative Euphoria in her career.

The construction and cuts techniques of the collection were based on the rugged amazing Himalayan ranges, which urged Shweta to opt for cotton and the sheer magnificent Chanderi fabric from Central India.

The earthy hues of the ensembles further accentuated the mood of the collection, as shades or rocks, pinecones, acorns peppered the line. A creation that aptly reflected the mood of the inspiration was the hand woven 100 per cent cotton checked and silk Chanderi look that was moulded to create a heavily detailed asymmetric dress, which focused on drapes, pin tucks, hand crochet and hand weaving.

Another luxuriously, fluid and voluminous hand woven, silk, striped Chanderi kaftan was textured with fine pin tucks, hand smocking, but also featured delicate glass beads and hand weaving.

The different aspects of the mighty mountains were creatively incorporated in the languid, relaxed garments that flowed through the show.

Shweta Gupta’s SWGT label brought to the forefront an ethereal line that will thrill buyers, who long to be one with nature, inspirations, forms and colours when they choose their sartorial preferences.

“I am excited to be a part of “NEXA Presents the Spotlight” showcase at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week. Original inspiration for the concept comes from my childhood experiences and local oral histories in Almora where I grew up—SWGT reflects the same connection with the mountains, people and its culture. I personify the muse as seeker, wanderer, gatherer and thinker. The film shows the journey of SWGT in finding Euphoria in purpose and resonates with NEXA's core philosophy of 'Create. Inspire'.” - Shweta Gupta, Founder and creative head SWGT.