FDCI x LFW, 05-10 OCTOBER 2021

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The Pot Plant

FDCI x Pearl Academy presented Emerging Talent, designers Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri, founders of ‘The Pot Plant’ label that has always explored the various aspects of fashion through their designing skills that have involved fabrics, detailing and silhouettes.

“The FDCI has always believed in nurturing and promoting designers who understand the changing needs of a dynamic market by carving an eco-friendly approach. Organic handlooms merged with comfort will pave the path for a future brimming with possibilities. We have been partners with Pearl Academy and their alumni have always shown promise, this year too, they will combine two potent forces---vision and aesthetics,” said Chairman FDCI, Sunil Sethi.

“We are delighted to see our ex-students Sanya Suri, and Resham Karmchandani of The Pot Plant illustrate that classic pieces are the only way forward. Pearl Academy has been instrumental in shaping the lives of many students over the years and has made consistent efforts to enrich their experience with practical abilities which has become a powerful tool in the fashion space,” said Aditi Srivastava, President Pearl Academy.

For their “Liquid Love” collection at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week they tapped into some unharnessed fashion potential that will appeal to all ages, genders and sizes. It was a look that encouraged self-love but also gave freedom of expression on all fronts to the wearer.

Pushing the boundaries of the traditional crafts like Bandhani and Shibori, the designers offered gender fluid silhouettes that revealed fine finishing and impeccable tailoring.

The choice of fabrics revolved around sheer, fluid textiles that allowed the wearers to express their identity. Cotton, silk and organza moved with stylish, languid, easy movements through trans seasonal colours and silhouettes. Known to offer some great options in separates; the designing pair brought ensembles that would work ideally as mix and match possibilities. The designing duo also offered a soothing, fashionable resonance to the collection.

The black and white jacket with Bandhani and minute stitch detailing was a sure winner, while the electric blue unisex jacket with bursts of fuchsia Bandhani florets and dots was a real scene-stealer. Yellow and white came together for another stunning, draped creation that was belted with great pizzazz.

The brown, sheer, organza tunic with cubic Bandhani motifs will surely cause a fashion tussle between HIM and HER, as it was an ideal gender-neutral option. Gender fluidity was apparent for the button less jacket, shirt with placement print and soft robe with a slit skirt in red and indigo. The long-sleeved, belted maxi, black and white trench coat and the 50/50 print for the ink blue blouse and pant, as well as the fuchsia, printed jumpsuit, will move effortlessly through wardrobes.

The “Liquid Love” collection by Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri for ‘The Pot Plant’ label presented by FDCI x Pearl Academy was all about setting an individual, style statement and loving it too for the coming season.