Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Abhishek Gupta

From the Land of Mysticism, a place where tranquil beauty is seamlessly woven with heritage and elegance, comes a collection that celebrates the artisanal excellence & cultural authenticity of the Holy Land, Benares.

Growing up in Benares had a profound cultural and artistic impact on Abhishek Gupta and this collection embodies those aesthetic qualities. Using traditional handloom techniques, fine appliqué and thread embroidery, each garment is a masterpiece that transcends every cultural barrier. With artworks that are throughly engineered with the shape and pattern of the outfit, motifs flow seamlessly and effortlessly over the garment with a sense of continuity that is rare. Hand woven fabrics juxtaposed with fine cut work, pleating and fine textures, give you that refined sense of luxury. Shervanis lined with magnificent brocades create a sense of understated elegance.

When you wear an outfit from this collection, you embody a sense of pride and humility, for that is the feeling that flows from the Ganga into the soul of every resident in the Land of Shiva.

Welcome to Abhishek Gupta Benares


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