Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Ashima Leena

This collection is a tribute to the skilled craftsmen and weavers of our rich textile industry who are struggling for their livelihood today.

AL has been working with them for the last three decades and stands in solidarity with them during these tough times.

This showcase of our Couture Collection 2020 is tiled ‘Umme Rabab’

Representing the serenity and divinity of a woman known for her beauty, eloquence and wisdom. She proved to be the epitome of a modern Maharani- strong-willed and dedicated but doused in softness and femininity.

This couture collection combines delicate hand embroidery in the form of meticulously curated textiles with classic AL Maharani silhouettes.

Through our interpretation, we aspire to reflect a poetic flow in volume, layers, and impeccable garment construction, which characterizes the unique beauty of ’Umme Rabab’.

The art of Textile Crafting

The art of textile crafting…the signature style of ASHIMA LEENA,

A magical mix of different kinds of weaves put together to create Breath - taking patterns.

Reinterpreted, lengthened jackets that can be worn with any of the classic silhouettes, peplums, circular lehengas, appliqué delicate sarees with jewelled tassels with chanderi and brocade woven Odhni’s along with antique gold fabrics which come alive with the millions of tiny hand embroidered beads and intricately appliquéd brocades that highlight the AL legacy of fine craftsmanship.

Brilliant hues transform texture into a chromatic scale of magical colors,

The subtle and exotic hues exude a old-world charm, which harmonize closely with the beauty of Umme Rabab.

Mustard, muted turmeric, soft dusky pink, ivory, pomegranate red, iron black, beaten gold, bold pinks, deep emerald, sand like beige come together to create the color palate of this diverse collection.

The fabric has a blend of many hues and colors, which renders an inimitable uniqueness to the outfits.

The collection has interplays of dexterous Applique work with unique brocade fabrics, delicate French knots and detailed zardozi embroidery.

Minutely designed fabric panels, complex hand embroideries, botanical Motif’s,

Intricate Paisley patterns bordered with hand-embroidered beadwork, hand-made tassels, form this tribute and collection.


Name: Leena Singh
Mobile: 9811134030
Email Id: ashimaleena@gmail.com


Name: Ria Rath
Mobile: 9810080979
Email: ria16rath@gmail.com, ashimaleena@gmail.com