Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Ashish Soni

One’s environment may hold the power to bring forth and nurture the development of ones aesthetics but in the world of design, aesthetics are only brought to maturity and distinction by an individual’s passion. It is with this very passion that the Ashish N Soni label was founded in 1992 and it set out on this incredible journey of over a quarter of a century.

Propelled by intrinsic talent, the designer has achieved several firsts and has remained sincere to the exploration of the finest cuts, silhouettes, innovative treatments, versatile fabrics, unusual textures all tied together beautifully with an underlying simplicity.

The Less is More philosophy has kept us glued to his innumerable collections which are Global in nature and mostly characterized by freshness, flawless lines, immaculate cuts and an eye for the perfect finish. Ashish’s primary focus has been the coming together of Immaculate tailoring & attention to every design detail on pure good design. Embellishments in the form of edgy Prints and contemporary embroiderys have always been subsidiary and used with great restraint, if at all to highlight form. The balance between mind and eye, skill, innovation and sense of drama translates into timeless and distinctive garments from this label that is fearless and almost always stays ahead of its time.

A prolific Indian Designer who has showcased at New York Fashion week and exhibited and sold his collections across numerous prestigious stores across the world including Selfridges in London.

Name : Smita Soni
Contact : 9811110183
Email : [email protected]


Name : Smita Soni
Contact : 9811110183
Email : [email protected]