Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

Half Full Curve1

Half Full Curve

Half Full is a body positive fashion label, with inclusivity as its soul. It breaks away from the traditional norms of the perfect fashion size, shape, age, and believes in real people, real stories. 

The label caters to all size, age, style groups, creating designs that are in sync with global trends, using highly intricate embroidery almost like art. 


Collection 1: A Lazy Day: Resort wear 20-21

A lazy stroll in the garden, a cup of hot chocolate at the quaint café, read a book in the park, soak up the sun, dance in the rain, do something or do nothing. Just one of those days, when you want to stop, sit, and just be, no plans, no to-do lists. 

Inspired by the sunshine, & flowers blooming, sorbet hues, offset with delicate embroidery using beads, sequins, silk thread and chiffon, to create clusters of flowers. Relaxed & fluid silhouettes, sheer fabrics, a resort wear collection, across all size, age, style groups.

Collection 2: Midnight Bloom

There are flowers that only bloom for the moon, And how beautiful it is knowing good things can grow in darkness. -Jinan Safko.

Flowers blooming under the starlit sky. An eveningwear collection of beautiful jewel tones, with delicate floral embroidery. Luxe silks & chiffons, offset with ornate motifs created using sequins, beads, and silk thread. The intricate line work resham embroidery creates an almost weave like texture. 

The modern Indian collection, traditional art meets urban chic.


Name : Tinka Bhatia
Mobile : 9619810676/8080009242
Email : tinka@halffullstore.com


Name: Rixi Bhatia
Mobile : 9820113060
Email : rixi@halffullstore.com