Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021



Talisman - Janavi India’s showcase for Spring/Summer ‘21 - is inspired by the brand’s ceaseless love for life, and sacred symbolism, that serves as protection and inspiration. Each shawl is a statement of individuality, and the luxury of a keepsake that is inimitable.

In choosing one talisman over another, the wearer expresses attachment to its inherent qualities. A kind of faith that is energetically driven. A belief in the protective aura of their kindred spirit.

This collection presents 3 stories that weave together sentiments of intuitive vision, passion, and zest for life that talismans and totemic souvenirs stand for:

Evil Eye:

A central aesthetic undercurrent for this collection is the universally recognised symbol of the Evil Eye, with its layered shades of navy, cobalt and electric blue, against a canvas of pristine white and ivory.

Says founder and creative director Jyotika Jhalani, “Janavi has always expressed spirited optimism through colour. But, in this collection, the shades of blue and white are also symbolic of the Great Expanse - manifesting as the sky above our heads, and the sea that caresses our feet - both primordial sources of life itself. So, when we surrender to its depths, we experience a sense of homecoming, we are revived, and uplifted.”

There is a gentler reinterpretation of the Evil Eye, to match the softness of Janavi’s cashmere.

It’s very human to wonder if an evil eye has been cast upon us, during these uncertain times,” elaborates Jyotika. “But our evil eye talisman is to inspire an invigorating journey of self-discovery, a new awakening, and a brighter ‘eye’ to the future. It’s about dissipating stagnant heaviness, and bringing in fresh energy.”


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