Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021


Limerick by Anirr n' Nanki

Chrysalis draws inspiration from a state of bloom that comes after the storm. It emphasises on the very state of optimism when the reset button has been pushed and everything has started afresh. It explores the semantics between man and nature, their inspiring congeniality manifesting into each artwork. Whether it's the bountiful artwork juxtaposed against the drapes or the structured yet modern approach of each garment, the magic spun by the artworks speaks volumes in each garment. Each creation is a dazzling interplay of softer pastels and innovative silhouettes where new forms and shapes are fused with traditional methods of construction.

Intricate motifs inspired by the Mughal gardens of the world serve as the core of this collection. The ancient architecture is given a contemporary update that emboldens the design, structure and patterns in each garment. The colour story serves as an interesting mix of pinks and ivory, celebrated with an abundance of florals. The motifs make for a bold statement, but a closer look affords further knowledge of the intricacy and artistry of each form. The artistic illustrations come alive against the backdrop of sheer and solid fabrics as well as mixed crepes and organzas to make a bold statement.