Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021


Naturally Anuradha

Naturally Anuradha a brand which embodies the essence of nature like no other. Every design from the looms of Designer Anuradha Pegu is purely organic to satisfy those consumers who crave originality and exclusivity.

Looking back at time, I can truly confide today that my designs of all my collections are a pot-pouri of all the experience and inputs I have gathered primarily from all my mentors of the craft council of Assam and India at large, which I try to give shape in my fabrics.

Right from selection of the components of the raw material used in the fabric and the natural dye, its processing, and final weaving with the chosen design I am personally involved during each stage of the process and personally monitor the stages of the product manufacturing.

My collections include products like Sarees, Mekhela Chadar, Dupattas,Scarves, Stoles,Cushion covers,Blouse pieces, etc of various mixed fabrics comprising of Endi silk,Muga Silk,Nuni Silk, spun silk and pure cotton as per the product specifications of each item. All the threads are 100% vegetable dyed (raw materials such as turmeric, lac, iron, harda, manjishta etc are used).

My holistic approach in living every facet of our lives organically in terms of our surroundings, food, wellness keeps me inspired to innovate better organically treated textile products like in house spinning of the fabric and processing of the natural dyes to keep my products purely organic to the satisfaction of my niche organic customers who bestow me the reward of the immense inner joy when they exhibit their satisfaction about my products.

In future I intend to start a society for training and incubation of small groups of economically weak sections of women from villages or urban slums to start their own sustainable business ventures, to be financially independent in life across our state and other areas of North Eastern states where traditional weaving of fabric still exists.