Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Nidhi Yasha

The label NIDHI YASHA was born out of the pressing urge to create clothing that was global and edgy in appeal yet had its soul rooted in love for Indian culture as well as Indian ethnic crafts and surface techniques. At NIDHI YASHA we strive each minute to make fashion more responsible and ethical with a holistic, humanistic approach towards both design and production.

The soul yearns a quiet escape.

The past few months of collective suffering through the pandemic have brought upon us, anguish and self realisation alike...Human kind craves normalcy, rhythm and flow like never before..It is time for slowing down, reflecting, and quiet surrender to the sombre sounds of nature...

“Take me to the water” is an extension of this yearning.

It is nostalgic, romantic and gentle.

The silhouettes are dreamy and old worldly with a halo of diaphanous fabrics around solid bases. Treatments and surfaces are delicate and surreal, with ombre’ dyed beaded tassels inspired by flowing, dripping water itself..

Fabric manipulation and ruffles mimic cascading waterfalls, and ripples,

Palette is inspired by untouched beaches, and apart from soft mauves of evening skies, there is a burst of color in the prints inspired by the mysterious underwater.

Koi fish accent embroidery completes the story..

“Take me to the water... to be baptised”, said Nina Simone in a 1967 song.

Buyer Contact :

Name : Nidhi Yasha
Contact : 9820165067
Email : nidhi@studiony.net

Media Contact :

Name : Kartika Bali Malhotra
Contact : 9899997688
Email : kartika@questpr.in