Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021



Inspired by the Vintage Winter wardrobes of English aristocrats, the capsule celebrates all things dandy. Sartorial fabrics ranging from authentic wool that blends along with hand-spun muga silks and silk organza are mix-matched to create a symphony of textile collage. Abstract textures are explored using wool and assorted trinkets to mimic the ageing of bygone wardrobes.

Direct influence of old school silhouettes, Origami details such as geometric patchwork, innovative pleating techniques are used to create new structures and shape. The collection translates the color story of deep fall palette consisting Maroon, Teal blue, Coffee and Mauve.

Note to the Editor:

Brand Background- We stand for the upliftment of the Indian artisans and textiles. We, at Nirmooha, blend styles crafted with the skills of experienced Indian artisans.

Furthering her interest in fashion, design and art, Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia employs a grounded approach to creating and arranging the heteroglossia of fashion into usual daily life.

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Name : Meemansha Awadh
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Name : Meemansha Awadh
Mobile - +91-8450-910-847
Email : info@nirmohafashionhouse.com