Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill’s collection is filled with her love for lively and bright colours and grounded, botanical patterns with the best fabrics, which help to add to the beauty of the ensembles. Exemplifying the relevance of the fashion needs of today, the collection is about now, the present day and moment, with the theme being #BuyNowWearNow

The collection, aptly named, Floral Opulance has florals that bloom throughout the lush gardens, cool hues that keep us refreshed in both the seasons and fabrics like gerorgette, satin, which are breathable, cultivating layers of texture.

With the current scenario worldwide, Ranna Gill realized that for modern and fashionable women of today, comfort and safety is a priority. The collection includes the signature Ranna Gill Dhoti Pants, which are classy and sassy in beautiful solid colours which provide comfort and make a fashionable statement. There are pleated skirts, tunics, maxis, and belted dresses in colours like ivory, black, marigold, and hues of ruby, greens and florals, in Ranna’s signature prints, which focus on the bohemian vibe of the collection.

The range of hand embroidered, breathable masks are a must as well, and are paired to match the beautiful prints abundant in the collection.

RG Masks are the highlight of this season's collection, the pretty florals, be it in monotone or colorful hues, will go well with whatever you choose to wear for your brunch plans to dinner dates!

Ranna Gill wants her collection to be close to nature. Her signature style for urban customers who want a bohemian vibe, tie us back to our cultural roots and highlight femininity and elegance with easy dressing, dreamy garden prints and playful poet sleeves with craft detailing!


Name : Rahul Grover
Mobile : 9818478560
E-mail ID : [email protected]


Name : Rahul Grover
Mobile : 9818478560
E-mail ID : [email protected]