Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Rina Dhaka

They say, once an arrow has to be launched it must be pulled backwards. Over the last 30 years, both professionally and personally I have weathered many storms. However, in Buddhism they always teach you to accept challenges and that’s just what I did. Maybe that’s why I could, on some micro level, connect with the migrant workers, who have been part of my arduous trajectory to getting to where I have reached. My embroiderers, pattern cutters, fabric sources —- the invisible heroes, who give me the rite of passage to take a final bow.

My LMIFW collection pays homage to their grit. It reflects on the fortitude, looking at adversity in the eye and yet marching on to a place which is “home”. A metaphor for security, warmth and comfort. A nest, allegorical of how we all have done the same.

I strongly believe every word has consequences and silences too. Even though many people dissuaded me from talking about this topic—- I stood my ground. Their plight reverberated with how our eco systems got waylaid by a virus. It taught me the fragility of life, the need for greater humility, and how we are merely a spec in the bigger universe.

My line titled “Book of Courage” mirrors the austerity and simplicity with which those, who are living on the fringes of society faced the worst crisis of the decade.

Fashion has since its inception been exceedingly glamourised, and the pandemic has taught us to value small everyday delights which add unadulterated sparkle to the almost seven-month-long impasse.

Join me in celebrating those who are lost in the layers of larger-than-life runways and magnificent brick and mortar retail stores. As they taught me life can be beautiful and overwhelming - that is the tragedy. As Camus said, “Without beauty, love or danger it would be almost easy to live.”


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Name : Sonali, Juhi
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