Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna

Parallax came alive for the new modern bride & groom who have dreamt of their perfect celebrations. When the world paused, we aspired to bring a new promise to this new normal.

RGRK reintroduces the colour of love, ‘Red‘ in this current collection which brings back and reflects emotions of hope and celebrations in the future. Aspiring to believe that we always have a reason to celebrate.

Menswear becomes more individualistic and explores the new beliefs of the modern Man. Metallic intricate embroideries on sharp tailored jackets in royal velvets and textured silks form the new Tuxedo.

Womenswear is structured yet feminine and sensual. Draped with silk organza and meshes incorporating and illustrating elements of every garment forming melodical synchronicity with a fragrance of opulence.

Our love of fringes has come alive in this collection, embodying them into jackets and gowns representing the flow of motion through the inevitable passing of time.

Blending the mystery of the current global events into a whimsical subversive twist.

Re-creating architectural traces which are interconnected in each garment with effortless finesse combining craftsmanship and bespoke clothing. Reflecting motion blended together creating a Parallax.


Name : Tanya Sahi
Contact : 98105 49748
Email : tanya@rohitgandhirahulkhanna.com


Name : Mansi Khanna
Contact : 98999 59488
Email : mansi@rohitgandhirahulkhanna.com