Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Shasha Gaba

A wild flower meadow through the year is an imagery of the four seasons, its flowers through spring, the summer skies, the rocky terrain in the autumn and its moon lit winter nights. An enchanting journey that splashes a flowery hue in the spring, glaze of the summer sun, wilted rocky autumn away from the terrain and moonlit winter nights. All set amidst a highland, the wild flower meadow is a journey through songs of nature and virtues of the seasons; a journey to relish the full bloom and the colours while still rejoicing the wilt and the cold winter.

The collection brings clean, chic silhouettes to the fore for global mavens. It’s a translation of the dewy floral glimmer into eclectic hand embroideries. The translucency of the breezy organza and chiffon comes to play with these intricate hand embroideries. With colors borrowed from the cherry blossoms, salvias and alyssum the imagery is set amid the changing hues of the wilderness. The silhouettes feel breezy with frill details and for those with contemporary hearts.


Name : Shasha Gaba
Contact : 9810556456
Email : shasha@shashagaba.com


Name : Shasha Gaba
Contact : 9811057456
Email : merchandising@shashagaba.com