Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Shruti Sancheti

Let's transport to the vivacious decade of fearless Bohemia and relive the moments of nomadic exuberance. Think about the swinging London and the Woodstock village, of praire chic infusing into fluid timeless Paisley. Let's dive in the realm of sepia tinted nostalgia and sway to the music of life with these classic, versatile and comfortable staples enough to take your style quotient a notch higher for multiple occasions! Shruti Sancheti is a fashion designer and senior educationist of Indian origin.

She has also been a senior faculty member for fashion design at esteemed institutions like I.N.I.F.D., L.A.D. College and Nagpur University.

She is the founder of SHRUTI SANCHETI; a design house that is known and loved for its contemporary spin on traditional elements of design.

SHRUTI SANCHETI has successfully created a niche for itself by exploring innovative techniques while maintaining the brands inherent revivalist integrity.


Name : Diksha Singh
Contact : 8411094517
Email : reashus@pinnacleshruti.com, shrutisancheti123@rediffmail.com


Name : Rizwan Shaikh
Contact : 97692 98823
Email : rizwanssk@gmail.com