Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Suneet Varma

The Eternal Lightness of Being

To love, to hold, to kiss

‘The eternal lightness of being- to love, to hold, to kiss’, a light, airy and effortlessly feminine couture line that is graceful, versatile and elegant.

A dreamy day, a lazy breeze, and the laughter of lilacs; an idyllic summer mood set off by soft hues, colorful prints, and languid silhouettes. Waves of crinkled chiffon, crushed georgette and organza create light caressing textures in refreshing yellows, somber pinks, limes and blues.A concoction of nature in the harmonious pairing of ebony and ivory with a dash of aqua brings sunshine to the warm heart. Tailored tunics and stylized sarees in fine chiffons with soft hues in a multi colored palette tiptoe lightly into spring.


Name - Deepika Malhotra
Mobile +91 9999689629
E-mail ID : suneetv@gmail.com


Name : Rahul Arora
Mobile +91 9999017251
E-mail ID : Rahul.arora@suneetvarma.in