Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Vaishali S

Vaishali S is a brand committed to creating wearable art forms out of handwoven textiles. Since the inception, the brand has been committed to handloom weavers and worked with over 900 weavers and explored 14 different techniques of weaving from various Indian states.

Our SS’21 collection is an experience of rebirth. Life began in water and it is here that the sensation of depth and a surreal unknown world lies. The collection builds this in forms of corals, creating a distinct feel of being born again in the slow.


Name : Siddhangana Anand
Mobile : 9998006754
Email : vaishali.sstudio1@gmail.com


Name : Rutuja Kamble
Mobile : 9595165166
Email : rutuja@ploti.in