Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, spring-summer 2021

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Vikram Bajaj

Vikram Bajaj, through its brainchild ‘Sport-Couture’ strives to deliver the best of both worlds. The collection has Avant-Garde silhouettes and ultra modern graphics for the Dandy, the Rebel ‘the bad boy’ who is adored by the sexes. The line emphasises to lay equal weightage on design and utilitarian value of each piece. The colour palette ranges from shades of Kapok Green and Soft Khaki to Illusion Blue with hints of Lemon drop, Fuchsia and Urban Orange.

With keen attention to detail, the label is engineered towards a perfectly flattering appearance with handsomely tailored cuts. The entire range showcases a remarkably unique ensemble of chic occasion/street wear in immaculate designs including unisex choices.


Name : Vikram Bajaj
Mobile : +919811141424
Email : vikram@ravibajaj.com


Name : Vikram Bajaj
Mobile : +919811141424
Email : vikram@ravibajaj.com