FDCI x LFW, 16-21 MARCH 2021



Akshat Bansal (Bloni) shows as part of FDCI’s Emerging Talent category

National, March 17, 2021: The Fashion Design Council of India and Lakme Fashion Week’s joint phygital, seasonless fashion week, slated from March 16-21, 2021 saw young talent Akshat Bansal of the label Bloni showcase his line.

“This collection marks the third year of us making clothes, clothes that are not conformed to any particular gender. It’s self-accepting, it’s self-informed. Enhancing transparency and creating a unique hybrid culture is what the brand thrives on. Bloni as a brand talks about looking back to where we started, introspecting our presence, reviving what we left behind is the essence of the brand,” says Akshat Bansal.

About the collection:

X is everywhere around us. X represents something unexplainable or unknown. Y questions our existence and everything around it in its truest form. Y is integral for the formation of humanity when combined with X, but also doesn’t confine one to an identity. The craft and techniques are the mainstay of the brand.

The USP is the technique of tie-dye with the mix of fabrics sourced globally. Bloni blends textiles and gives sustainability a new form and edge by using technologies to make eco-friendly clothing, not only supporting Indian artisans, but also introducing advancements and hybrid textiles for the new-tech generation.

This year, they have introduced marine plastic waste textile giving it a new life. Blending tech-generated fabrics with local artisanal techniques, hand crochet and knitting along with glazed fabrics, clean silhouettes and gender neutral shapes blur the visual distinction and forms a strong base for this collection.