FDCI x LFW, 16-21 MARCH 2021

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BODICE by Ruchika Sachdeva-2
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BODICE by Ruchika Sachdeva

The Domino Effect, resonating with repetition

An inquisitiveness to explore craft through a contemporary lens, Bodice continues to bring forth the journey that it idolises, one of going back to the fundamental. Simplicity is reinvented and echoed in its design philosophy, crafted with a detail-centric and minimal approach, that is sketched into reality using the most meticulous artisanal techniques.

Ingenuity, story-telling, culture, and conscientiousness are important elements of this creation interspersed with the fabrics of modernity. The values incorporated into the rubric of the designs find root in the creative vision of founder Ruchika Sachdeva. Her global vision and asserted contemporary language is mirrored in her cerebral design philosophy which displays an amalgamation of Indias rich architectural heritage and budding modernity. This marriage is unique to Bodices identity, which Ruchika sought to create ever since the conception of the brand in 2011. As we step into our 10th year of Bodice, we bring to life a collection that translates everything that the brand stands for into corporeal form.

All the values are correlative and interconnected with the smallest shift having an impact. This energy led to the creation of this collection. Dynamic blocks of lines come alive and glide across the body lending it a sense of energy and optimism. The affective importance of expansive space and fluidity shape the geometric proportions. The smallest atoms come together to contour and create clean silhouettes while the use of form and mass is transcribed into lines that frame the body and make the wearer its confidante- a chain reaction that is set in motion once the collection is donned.

The brands commitment to craft and artisanal excellence is elucidated in every piece.

Bodice’s on-going philosophy of conscious consumption and sustainability are what interest the wearer in process as much as the product. This holistic approach is extended to even the most minute details as we believe the most seemingly insignificant aspects have within them, the power to drive change.