FDCI x LFW, 16-21 MARCH 2021

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Nidhi Yasha

National, March 19, 2021: The Fashion Design Council of India and Lakme Fashion Week’s joint phygital, seasonless fashion week, slated from March 16-21, 2021 saw Nidhi Yasha showcase her collection.

The collection titled “The Gypsy’s Wife” inspired by a song by Leonard Cohen by the same name, is an ode to love and longing, and consequent disclaim of all that holds down a free-spirited gypsy woman. Boho-chic in treatment, it celebrates the visceral, sensual, hedonistic spirit of intense loving and reckless abandon, deep, and sometimes dark.

The brand tells this story in its quintessential folkloric language, with all its theatricality. From flirty ruffles, fringes and rich tassels over sheer layers, dramatic volumes, tell-tale surfaces to tribal and nature-inspired prints creating a perfect medley of florals and geometrics true to the bohemian ethos.

The imagery created is mysterious, intriguing, and intense. Delicate laces compliment the subtle beadwork giving the East European Bohemian, a rich, nomadic, Indian/Central Asian opulence. Embroidered leather corset belts, accentuate the feminine form, unapologetically, whilst motifs taking inspiration from birds, create an interesting dichotomy of confinement and release.

Opulent velvets meet delicate silk charmeuse and diaphanous organzas and chiffons juxtaposed create an interesting vocabulary for the urban nomad with a vintage soul. “I have tried to tell this story in the brand's quintessential folkloric language, with all its theatricality using ruffles, and tiers, velvets and silks, leather and lace and vibrant prints with intense beadwork. I’ve used deconstructed pieces and leftover materials from previous collections and used them to create a whole new visual for the urban nomad with a vintage soul, keeping true to the label’s zero waste endeavour and sustainable practises,” says the designer.

“I’m mighty excited about FDCI and LFW coming together for this joint fashion week, and setting the highest example for solidarity and collaboration during these challenging times,” she concludes.