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Tatwamm by Abhishek & Vinita-01
Tatwamm by Abhishek & Vinita-02

Tatwamm by Abhishek & Vinita


The "Rajwadi" collection from "Tatwamm" by Abhishek and Vinita features hand crafted weaves from Kanchipurams to Pochampallis, teamed with bandhanis from Bhuj, all hand embroidered in exquisite zardozi  embroidery from rural Bengal. The collection gets its inspiration from the peacocks and elephants in the courtyards of the majestic palaces of Rajasthan. The early morning dancing of the peacocks and the bathing of the elephants inspired the designer duo to craft out this collection of luxury heirlooms. The collection is an ode to the vast artistic diversity of the country. The silk velvet lehenga adds to the "Rajwadi" feel with the  depiction of the valiant horses which have long been a symbol of strength and bravery amongst the Rajashthan royals. The vibrant colour pallette gives a true "Rajwadi" feel and adds to the richness of the collection, fit for the contemporary royals.