FDCI x LFW, 16-21 MARCH 2021

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Gauri & Nainika

Fall 2021

An ode to our mother’s garden.

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” – Claude Monet

Spending an entire year in quarantine has made us feel rooted and grounded, reminding us about the joys of life’s simple pleasures, making us feel so much in tune with nature- having a slow paced life, seeing the sunsets, watching the trajectory of the moon- from new moon to full moon, being in awe each and every time of its beauty, from observing the stars to beautiful clear skies (which we were fortunate to have this time), cooking fresh organic home grown salads and vegetables, and most profoundly spending the mornings and evenings in our mothers garden, resplendent with flowers of all varieties, observing and relishing them, the trees, the foliage, from last spring to this.

Seeing flowers bloom from saplings to buds to a proliferate flower bed, being so much a part of the process was stimulating and stirring to say the least.

They say where flowers bloom so does hope, and that’s precisely the sentiment that inspired the Gauri & Nainika Fall 2021 collection.

It’s no surprise - You’ll find an abundance of floral prints in the collection- exploding flora on hues of the earth and sky, cerulean blue, grey, green amongst others. You will see dresses in wispy organza and silk chiffon that have a sense of ease and lightness to them, designed in airy and graceful shapes and silhouettes. The styles have a dreamy idyllic quality to them, suggesting life, vitality, and exuberance that are refreshing and uplifting at a time of hardship.

Delicate textures, plenty of shirt collars, playful shorter numbers to the more demure calf length ones, bows and flower textures synonymous with the brand will be found in the collection. Easy trapeze cuts and feminine frock dresses all belted in romantic bows, goddess gowns in chiffon that flow with a gentle sensuality and the brand’s signature billowing ruffles that are so loved by all are among the collection highlights.

The Gauri & Nainika woman has also been loyal to the brand through the pandemic, where the demand for a 50s style romantic wrap or ruffled midi dress never stopped. Fashion to the brand has also been about escaping daily drudgery and stepping into a world of dreams by means of dress. That the G&N customer attest to this has been very gratifying to say the least.