FDCI x LFW, 16-21 MARCH 2021

Varun Chakkilam Label-01
Varun Chakkilam Label-02

Varun Chakkilam Label

Art Nouveau

Sensuous, mysterious and uncompromising, the Varun Chakkilam woman this season is an artistic woman. The Spring Summer 2021 collection is inspired by one of the most art moment of the 18th century. One major objective of art nouveu was to break down the traditional distinction between fine arts & applied arts, which is evident in the collection. The color palette evokes the symbolism of art. Pink stands for feminity, green signifies Tranquility, Mustard symbolizes diversity. Teal rejuvenates purity. Intricate hand embroidered bustiers teamed with voluminous skirts, liquid gowns dipped in sequins, tailored peplums teamed with wrap around drapes trace the curves of body, thus creative a spectacle of poetic love and grandeur

The house pays homage to the craftmanship of the most celebrated art movements of the world. The collection sits at the crossover between epochs and traditions. The VC muse is rooted in her culture but appreciates the rich beauty of nature. She belongs to her time but is respectful of ancient artisanal knowledge, all making her ever so modern.