FDCI x LFW, 23-27 MARCH 2022

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Two Point Two


“Face and embrace that chaos instead of hiding from it.”

This philosophy is very personal to me as it speaks about my emotional journey. I read somewhere: “the wind extinguishes a candle but energises fire”. So I decided to be like that fire instead and be anti-fragile. I chose to embrace the turmoil and manoeuvre it to my advantage. It is only then, that one achieves growth and perspective. And that leads to a true metamorphosis. This collection is an ode to that very faith to remind us that hope exists, compassion exists, solidarity exists, camaraderie exists and above all love exists. It is a reflection of our time during the pandemic and how we survived and continue to emerge from it.

Made with sustainable organic textiles developed from fibres of rose petals, orange, lotus and organic cotton, this collection is a true testament to the importance of saving the planet by finding sustainable alternatives in fashion. The details and silhouettes of this collection is an amalgamation of our urge to travel and the time spent at home. We invite you behind our doors to experience this journey with us.