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Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour 2022, Powered by FDCI, celebrates Sustainability in Fashion in its Hyderabad chapter

Amit Aggarwal showcased 'Pride in Sustainable Fashion' - a concept that celebrated sustainable fashion techniques, complemented by a setting that was inspired by nature embracing undertones of sustainability, crafted by architectural designer Nuru Karim, as actor Janhvi Kapoor walked the ramp with aplomb

Hyderabad, November 26, 2022: The 16th edition of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, powered by Fashion Design Council of India, brought an unparalleled experience to Hyderabad on November 25, 2022, at Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club. Celebrity designer Amit Aggarwal together with Nuru Karim, one of India's most influential architects, presented Pride in Sustainable Fashion with a unique collection in an exceptional set designed with sustainability at its core. Closing the show as showstopper was none other than Janhvi Kapoor - a youth icon herself who made quite a statement on the ramp.

For Designer Amit Aggarwal, sustainability is about keeping the spirit of couture alive by marrying traditional craft with new-age materials, ensuring that indigenous textiles retain their charm and originality while also being modern. Together with Nuru Karim's planet-positive design philosophy, which came through in a stunning set design inspired by nature and made using recyclable materials to ensure net-zero carbon footprint, the fashion show was a true hallmark of celebrating the trend shifts towards making fashion more planet-conscious.

The vibrant and evolving expressions of 'Pride & Authenticity' of the youth of India shone through each element of the night. Sustainability is not just another buzzword for the younger generation, and Amit Aggarwal's collection showcased elaborate ensembles featuring various sustainable elements like fabrics made with new-age materials and design techniques that preserved traditional indigenous crafts. The fashion show presented new-age bridal-wear, modern column dresses, tuxedos and jackets, which together with tantalizing drumbeats, created a sensorial fashion & lifestyle experience.

Talking about the show, designer Amit Aggarwal, said, "Over the past decade, we have approached the concept of sustainability as breaking down existing materials to their elemental aspects and applying the finest principles of craftsmanship to create something new altogether. Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour has given us a very powerful platform to take pride in this passion of ours, together with celebrated architect Nuru Karim. The show was an extension of our principles to bring sustainability to the fore - at the intersection of fashion and high art."

Architect Nuru Karim, Founder and Principal, NUDES, commented, "It's a matter of pride to come together with leading designer Amit Aggarwal for Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, to set forth a vision towards celebrating sustainability in fashion. The collaboration between architecture and fashion celebrates the role of “Nature” both as mentor and inspiration to explore best practices in sustainable design. We must design responsibly to leave a legacy for our future generations and leave the world in a better place than we found it. It is exciting to see the Fashion Tour shines the spotlight on this unique theme this year."

Besides the spectacular fashion show, the evening featured an exciting new element in this year’s Fashion Tour that is the 'Style Gallery' called 'This is not a T-shirt', curated by Ashish Soni and FDCI — an exhibit of T-shirt outfits designed by over 60 designers & homegrown fashion labels, who have embellished or even deconstructed the basic T-shirt into a design celebrating their authentic interpretation of Pride. The Style Gallery exhibit was constructed with undertones of sustainability, using recycled materials which puts into action the Fashion Tour’s pursuit towards becoming more sustainable & ecofriendly. Featuring within the Style Gallery was also the Step into the Metaverse booth where guests were able interact with exciting features of 'Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour Park' – the Fashion Tour’s metaverse avatar.

Speaking on the occasion, Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, "The 16th edition of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour is all about embracing the changing dynamics of the fashion & lifestyle industry, bringing an impressive new format that’s more inclusive, diverse and youthful. The Hyderabad show, in partnership with FDCI, was all about representing the sustainable side to fashion, with Amit Aggarwal’s indigenous, yet modern collection complemented by Nuru Karim’s extraordinary set design. The experience was not only brought to life in the physical world, but also in the virtual world with our initiative of taking the Fashion Tour experience to the metaverse this year. With this, we continue to forge ahead in our journey of celebrating ‘Pride’ of today’s youth with exciting innovations throughout this edition of the Fashion Tour."

Talking about the new avatar of the Fashion Tour, Sunil Sethi, Chairman, FDCI, said, "Fashion Design Council of India is proud to continue its partnership with Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, both of which are leading names in the fashion & lifestyle industry. Our endeavour for the Hyderabad edition was to present an exciting new format that showcased pride in sustainable fashion with designer Amit Aggarwal and architect Nuru Karim. The Style Gallery is our attempt to make the Fashion Tour more inclusive and highlight different interpretations of the pride & authenticity of various designers. This partnership is a fitting way to showcase our drive to reshape and reimagine the evolving face of fashion in India."

As curator-in-chief of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour 2022, ace designer Ashish Soni said, "For its 16th edition, Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour is truly expanding its horizons and going beyond the ordinary. We’ve added exciting new elements, including designer and artist collaborations, a one-of-its-kind Style Gallery and the Fashion Tour Park metaverse, all of which bring to life a fashion experience like never before."

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