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COVID-19 Support Fund (CSF by FDCI)

Dear Friends,

These are testing times, the pandemic has shaken us all, but we stand in our resolve to come out of this stronger and as more kind individuals.

Over the years, our designers with their myriad ideas have used their talent to bring joy & happiness into millions of lives. They have the gift to touch people’s hearts!

Working rigorously with tailors, craftsmen, weavers, embroiderers in remote locations or their own ateliers; their only mission has been to constantly create new ideas & products. Some have been able to take their businesses to great heights while some are still at the start of this long journey.

Our fashion week sadly had to be postponed in the wake of this Virus leading to loss of a season for the designers (to meet their buyers to secure their next season). The last month has already seen a drastic dip in sales of Textile & Apparel and with complete lockdown being announced by our Government, the cash flow has been instantly and drastically hit. Salaries, rentals, utility bills, taxes stand to be paid and with orders getting cancelled/ delayed, sales reaching NIL figures and with drying up of reserves I fear some would be severely impacted.

Many designers in their personal capacity have come forward in doing their bit - by way of providing masks, offering cash advances to their employees, supporting teams with food/cereals. I congratulate each one of you for coming forward in supporting the need of the hour and initiating brave and positive steps towards mitigating this unprecedented crisis (COVID-19).

Unfortunately, not everyone is left with ample reserves to wade through this period of crisis. Smaller businesses (with tremendous potential) are run like a one-person-army; one individual taking care of a team of craftsmen, playing the role of a manufacturer, sales person, accountant, promoting and providing for his/her little family and bursting with ideas. A lot of them are not in a position (or have the luxury of time) to process formal paper-works to seek support from banks / financial institutions.

We, as a fraternity, are what we are because of each one of our designers; their passion is our driving force and with a little support we can lend them some strength to spring back on their feet sooner than later.

FDCI has taken the lead to set up a COVID-19 Support Fund (CSF by FDCI) to provide financial assistance to small businesses and young designers in need. An eminent designer member of the industry has very kindly pledged support to this cause. The Council, the Board and myself are putting in the seed funds to get this rolling.

For further details, please write to us at [email protected].

We are in this together. Until then stay safe, be home, be kind and spread love.  

Kind Regards,

Sunil Sethi


Fashion Design Council of India